About BITTOK system—build a large-scale financial system platform with its own ecological value

Regarding the digital era innovation driven by the blockchain, it has the six characteristics of decentralization, openness, autonomy, anonymity and programmable traceability. The development of expandable fields brought about by the characteristics can bring revolution and subversion to the blockchain Sexual technical characteristics. Since its development, blockchain has been given a variety of great epoch-making significance, and can be used in many fields such as medical care, taxation, voting management, Internet of Things, finance, etc. BITTOK, the next-generation financial system based on blockchain technology, includes many financial tools such as peer-to-peer payments, decentralized transactions, lending, etc. The system can complete financial activities such as payments and transactions without relying on any third-party institutions. It provides an innovative and dedicated smart contract language and execution environment for the financial economic platform on the chain, and builds a large-scale financial system platform with its own ecological value.

BITTOK is more like a high-dimensional version of Ethereum. Different financial public chains, alliance chains, and private chains can carry out free cross-chain interaction and business collaboration, which maximizes the efficient collaboration capabilities of the blockchain. Fans who are committed to exploring the distributed financial landscape can also make more development attempts based on the BITTOK standard. With the in-depth development of the BITTOK network, more and more financial entities and community enthusiasts around the world will continue to join in and strive to build A completely decentralized financial ecological network.

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A peer-to-peer financial system, a reimagined smart contract network

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A peer-to-peer financial system, a reimagined smart contract network

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